Shanna Trenaman

Shanna Trenaman, Interdisciplinary PhD Student, 
Dalhousie University

Interdisciplinary PhD Student, Dalhousie University

Shanna holds a BScH in Chemistry from Acadia University. She completed her BScPharm and MAHSR at Dalhousie University. Shanna is an Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Resident having completed her hospital pharmacy residency at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in affiliation with Dalhousie University. Shanna is licensed pharmacist and practices as a hospital pharmacist in Nova Scotia. Shanna’s doctoral work has been supported by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, the Dalhousie Pharmacy Endowment Fund, the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists’ Foundation, the Canadian Frailty Network, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University. Shanna’s research interests include appropriate drug use in seniors with particular interest in anticholinergic drugs and sex and gender based differences in drug use. Shanna’s research is truly interdisciplinary in that she combines lab based research, clinical investigation, and pharmacoepidemiological research.