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Frailty matters. 1.2 million Canadians 65-plus live with frailty, as do 2.5 million Canadians who are their caregivers and hundreds of thousands more in our healthcare workforce. Canadians 65-plus account for nearly half of Canada’s healthcare spending (almost $100 billion), but only 15 percent of the population.

JOIN US and learn, network, brainstorm new ideas, address key questions and challenges as CFN partners with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation to showcase innovative work being done in the field of healthy aging.

LISTEN to our expert speakers as they discuss their work to improve care for older adults and/or support their caregivers.

This event is for anyone interested in healthy aging: older adults and their families and caregivers,  researchers, community organizations, professionals, and interested citizens!

This event will feature the latest innovations in technology, services, prevention strategies, treatments, and lifestyle enhancements happening in New Brunswick and across Canada, to improve the lives of older adults and their families, friends and caregivers.

CFN is Canada’s only national network dedicated to older Canadians living with frailty and all responsible for their well-being. The Network has funded and catalyzed new research, knowledge, practice, education and training across the full continuum of care. This Showcase is a unique opportunity to examine frailty and healthy aging from many perspectives at a single event.

Cet événement vise tous ceux qui sont intéressés au vieillissement sain – chercheurs, organisations communautaires, aînés et leurs familles et proches aidants.

Cet événement présentera les plus récentes innovations en matière de technologie, services, stratégies de prévention, traitements et améliorations du style de vie qui se déroulent au Nouveau-Brunswick et ailleurs au Canada, pour améliorer la vie des aînés et de leurs familles, amis et proches aidants.

Le Réseau canadien des soins aux personnes fragilisées est le seul regroupement au Canada à se consacrer à l’amélioration des soins destinés aux Canadiens âgés et fragilisés et du soutien offert à leur famille et leurs aidants.

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