Cody Davenport

Biography | Biographie

Cody has an honors degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick and is currently taking a Master of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Alberta. He has previous research experience with Canada East Spine Centre and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College working in various fields of research. Cody’s research interests include physical activity and sedentary behavior levels in older adults.

Cody possède un baccalauréat spécialisé en kinésiologie de l’Université du Nouveau-Brunswick et complète actuellement une maîtrise en kinésiologie de l’Université d’Alberta. Elle a de l’expérience de recherche avec le Canada East Spine Centre et le Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College dans divers domaines de recherche. Les intérêts de recherche de Cody comprennent l’activité physique et les niveaux de comportement sédentaires chez les aînés.

Presentation Summary | Sommaire de la présentation

MedReviewRx to the Rescue of Medication Overload in Older Adults | MedReviewRx à la rescousse de la surcharge de médicaments chez les aînés

This study will employ a mixed methods design. A stepped wedge cluster randomized trial design is planned, which allows us to approximate a randomized clinical trial. Approximately 1000 residents living in long-term care (LTC) will be recruited from five New Brunswick Nursing Homes (NBNHs). The study will begin with 3 months of baseline data on rates of deprescribing. Thereafter, every 3 months a new cluster will enter the intervention phase. The intervention consists of medication reviews augmented with the MedReviewRx software, which will be used by staff and clinicians. The main outcome will be the proportion of patients with one or more potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) deprescribed following a medication review. The goal is to study the impact of MedReviewRx on medication overload among older adults living in LTC. Qualitative data collected will include resident/caregiver attitudes towards deprescribing and semi-structured interviews with staff working in the LTC homes.

The study is currently in progress so there are no deprescribing results which can be reported at this time. Preliminary results from the revised Patients’ Attitudes Toward Deprescribing questionnaire indicate that approximately 60% of residents are willing and able to stop one of their current medications if deemed possible by their physician.