Corinne Hersey

Biography | Biographie

Corinne Hersey teaches sociology at St. Thomas University, works with charities and local businesses, and is the owner of her business “Natural Capital”. Having focused much of her teaching and advocacy career on creating communities that are healthy and accessible for everyone, she knew that she had to design and create gardens that would “heal hunger, habitat, and heart”. She worked on the steering committee of Good Food Greater Fredericton, taught at, and helped write the curriculum for the Hayes Farm Regenerative Farming Certificate in Fredericton, and continues to serve on boards or committees that work to feed people. Her first food garden – specifically for seniors – was at Pine Grove Nursing Home where residents were engaged in creating, planting, and harvesting. She also helped put in the first rehabilitation and food garden at the Village of Hope in Estonia and works with the one here in Tracy. Her latest project is working with the food garden and the Edible Forest Therapy Garden at the Salvation Army in Fredericton. Her goals are to influence as many people as possible to:

  1. Support local agriculture or grow their food, and
  2. Create safe and healthy habitat spaces.

Presentation Summary | Sommaire de la présentation

Garden Project | Projet de jardinage

We involved seniors in the early design, implementation, growth, building of… their food garden. Seniors are in workshops & garden & this year will be able to connect with us online as we record and upload workshops. We have built in: inclusiveness, accessibility, community group engagement, autonomy, & training. Seniors help us produce clean nutrient dense food – building in their own food security, mental health activity, and physical fitness. The purpose is to increase wellness for those 65+, those living with frailty, different abilities, chronic disease, isolation, depression, dementia, and other challenges – some as a result of age, some genetic, some as a result of poverty… and so on. We engage the school children and let them plant seeds with seniors and garden workers. There is so much excitement when they grow and harvest their own food.