Robyn Palk & Lisa Curtis

Biography | Biographie

Robyn Palk and Lisa Curtis are Registered Respiratory Therapists with a combined 39 years’ experience working at the Saint John Regional Hospital. They have taken a break from hospital duties to coordinate a student-infused Pulmonary Rehabilitation clinic at the New Brunswick Community College in Saint John, New Brunswick. After completing 4 clinics and seeing the vast improvement in their participant’s quality of life, their passion for respiratory therapy has been revitalized. They are planning 3 more clinics and are excited to see the results!

Robyn Palk et Lisa Curtis sont des thérapeutes respiratoires autorisées ayant 39 ans d’expérience combinée à travailler à l’Hôpital régional de Saint John. Elles ont pris une pause de leurs responsabilités hospitalières pour coordonner une clinique de réadaptation pulmonaire composée d’étudiants au Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick à Saint John au Nouveau-Brunswick. Après avoir complété 4 cliniques et avoir vu la grande amélioration de la qualité de vie des participants, leur passion pour la thérapie respiratoire a été renouvelée. Elles planifient 3 autres cliniques et sont excitées de voir les résultats!

Presentation Summary | Sommaire de la présentation

Innovative and Community-Partnered Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Seniors in New Brunswick | Réadaptation pulmonaire novatrice en partenariat avec la communauté pour les aînés au Nouveau-Brunswick

The Innovative and Community-Partnered Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Seniors in New Brunswick is a grant-funded research program that was established in 2020 to offer pulmonary rehabilitation to seniors in the Saint John region of NB, while at the same time researching whether a joint partnership between NBCC, University of New Brunswick, University of Manitoba, Horizon Health and Healthy Seniors Pilot Project, was an effective way to involve students in hands on learning through the involvement of students in the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation.

This pulmonary rehabilitation research project is an 8 week educational and exercise program delivered to senior citizens living in New Brunswick with a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The program runs 3 days a week for 2 hour sessions. Each session incorporates education, provided by students, about living with COPD, followed by exercises including: stretching, balance, flexibility, strength training and aerobic exercise. The program is overseen by two Registered Respiratory Therapists. It is expected on completion, that the program participants will see an increase in exercise tolerance, an improvement in their perceived overall health, increase in confidence level and an increased ability to participate in activities within their home and community. Outcomes are measured by a 6 Minute walk test and St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire completed by participants before and after the program.