Donna Miller-Wallace

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Donna Miller-Wallace has been the Executive Director of Victoria Glen Manor, in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, for the last seven years. It is her goal to continue to ensure the nursing home VIPs (Residents), receive compassionate care, and that team-mates have all of the skills and tools necessary to achieve, and exceed, that goal.

Donna Miller-Wallace est directrice générale du manoir Victoria Glen à Perth-Andover au Nouveau-Brunswick depuis sept ans. Son objectif est de continuer à s’assurer que les personnes les plus importantes des centres de soins (les résidents) reçoivent des soins empreints de compassion, et que les équipiers possèdent toutes les compétences et les outils nécessaires pour atteindre, et dépasser, cet objectif.

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Meet the Waltons | Voici les Waltons

People who enter nursing homes often feel socially isolated from their family and friends, and take time to adjust to their new surroundings. Although nursing homes staff attempt to fill any social voids that may be felt by the residents in their new home, it is impossible to meet the needs of all of the residents. In 2019, VGM successfully implemented a pilot program whereby “The Waltons” visited the nursing home 5 evenings per week, and provided group activities, snacks, and socializing for any residents wishing to gather. In 2020, a “Kindness Ambassador” was added to the mix whose primary role is… to be kind! The Kindness Ambassador spends time one-on-one or in small groups to give attention to those who need it most: those who have just arrived to their new home, are experiencing a loss, or are nearing the ends of their lives. The group and one-on-one companionship have become critical to the emotional well-being of our residents! Both pilot programs are funded by the Victoria Glen Manor Foundation.