Pat Kelly & Keith Brunt

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Pat Kelly is the founder and CEO of Routinify, a remote and virtual care management company integrating non-medical and medical care services. Routinify’s flagship offering, WellAssist, is utilized in a variety of care environments, including helping seniors to thrive in place at home, remote patient care, long-term chronic care management and lifestyle change.

Pat retired as a serial entrepreneur outside the healthcare industry in the areas of call centers, telecommunications, workflow management and people performance management. He Re-entered the start-up world based on his experiences as an adult-child caregiver and started Routinify.

Pat Kelly est le fondateur et directeur général de Routinify, une entreprise de gestion des soins virtuels et à distance qui intègre des services de soins non-médicaux et médicaux. L’offre phare de Routinify, WellAssist, est utilisée dans une variété d’environnements de soins, y compris pour aider les aînés à prospérer à la maison, les soins des patients à distance, la gestion des soins chroniques à long terme, et le changement du style de vie.

Biography | Biographie

Dr. Keith Brunt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Medicine at Dalhousie Medicine at the University of New Brunswick, and an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business at the University of New Brunswick. He completed his Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology at the University of Saskatchewan, and his PhD in Pharmacology (experimental medicine) at Queen’s University. Dr. Brunt completed a post-doctoral fellowship in regenerative medicine at University Health Network in Toronto. In 2012 Dr. Brunt took-up a position at Dalhousie University to establish a new medical school in New Brunswick, which included building a de novo biomedical research program. Dr. Brunt specializes in translational medicine and has an interest in preventing adverse drug events and developing or optimizing pharmacology for special patient groups through fundamental science and applied technologies. Having lived in marginalized communities, published original research, designed and conducted clinical trials and supported research based policy and product commercialization, Dr. Brunt has a diverse portfolio of interests and experiences to share. His current work focuses on improving clinical frailty score utilization, integration with fundamental sciences and improving guidance for medical technology design and adoption for older patients living with frailty, their healthcare team and advocates.

Presentation Summary | Sommaire de la présentation

Virtual Care Platform, WellAssist | Plateforme de soins virtuels – WellAssist

In the proposed study, our aim is to pilot The Virtual Care platform in private homes of older adults identified as being at risk for requiring a need for higher level of health or social care. These older adults will include, but are not limited to, those discharged from hospital in the previous 4 months, frequent users of emergency services (≤ 3 visits in the past year), currently wait for a higher level of long-term care services, waiting for an assessment for long-term care services, are a recipient of supportive care services in the home, have low self-efficacy with current living arrangements (self-identified or by a caregiver). We will recruit a representative sample from a diverse geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This study will include seniors who are living in the community.