Bethany Kwok


Bethany KwokBethany Kwok is an Advanced Practice Leader at SE Health for Seniors Living. She provides clinical leadership to SE Health corporate strategy and initiatives related to the care of older adults. Her area of focus is clinical quality and safe care for older adults during transitions to and in the community. Bethany is bringing forward her clinical expertise and best practice advices with the vision to impact healthy living and aging in place.

Bethany earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Ryerson University and her Master of Nursing in Administration from University of Toronto. She comes from a diverse nursing background in acute care, primary care and community in her years of healthcare experience. She has also taken on healthcare leadership role through her involvement with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, and as the RNAO Best Practice Champion at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Her professional interests include care for the marginalized older adult population, patient safety and risk management, and evidence-based practice.

Innovation Summary

SE HealthSE Health Reactivation Care Model – Empowering clients to unlock their potential through an integrated, holistic approach to care

With a growing senior population, there is a focus to improve care for seniors to support healthy aging. The SE Health Reactivation Model was created to provide Canadians living with frailty who require more time to recover from an acute care stay a safe environment to get stronger and transition home safely.

The SE Reactivation Model is based on improving wellness through restoring function and independence. Canadians living with frailty recover in a like-home setting; shortening hospital length of stay and risk of further deconditioning associated with hospitalization.

In the pursuit of exceptional care outcomes and experience, the model focuses on enhancing client engagement through an interdisciplinary, holistic approach. The care team comprises of nursing, personal support and rehabilitation professionals working together to create a coordinated care plan in collaboration with clients, families and caregivers. Each care plan activity is linked to specific interventions that are driven by client goals. By breaking down the traditional siloed approach to care found in the community setting, this model allows care providers to collaborate and work synergistically towards the betterment of our clients, family and caregivers.

Success of the program is placed on achievement of client care goals, client experience and system indicators such as length of stay. With the SE Health Reactivation Model currently being implemented across several regions, we can demonstrate high scores on client satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes. Canadians living with frailty leave our care feeling stronger and with the knowledge and skills to manage their health.